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CIMA - Course Structure

Course Structure

CBA Level


C1 – Management Accounting Fundamentals

C2 – Financial Accounting Fundamentals

C3 – Business Mathematics

C4 – Economics and Business

C5 – Business Law

Entry Criteria: As or Bs (3 points or better for each subject) in 5 subjects which must include English and Mathematics

Duration: Six Months

Managerial Level


P1 – Management Accounting – Performance Evaluations

P2 – Management Accounting – Decision Management

P4 – Organizational Management and Information Systems

P5 – Integrated Management

P7 – Financial Accounting & Tax Principles

P8 – Financial Analysis

Entry Criteria: Successful completion of CBA or any other relevant qualification such as NATech, AAT, ZDA and ATD

Duration: Six Months


Strategic Level

P3 – Management Accounting – Risk & Control Strategy

P6 – Management Accounting – Business Strategy

P9 – Management Accounting – Financial Strategy

Entry Criteria: Successful Completion of CIMA Managerial Level

Duration: Six Months

TOP CIMA: (Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting)

Entry Criteria: Successful Completion of CIMA Strategic Level

Duration: 3 – 4 Months.

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