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Located in posh gardens in the heart of Lusaka, ZCAS boasts of some of the finest and most advanced teaching and learning facilities in Zambia and the region.

ZCAS Experience

ZCAS is currently Zambia’s only “Platinum Approved Learning Partner” with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK. The ZCAS experience includes:

Vision & Mission

“A leading accountancy, information technology and business related training centres in the world through provision of high quality courses with exceptional pass rates.”



Four Extra floors

Of lecturer offices, lecture rooms and theaters and administration all easily accessed by two flight of stairs or lifts.


New Administration Block

Some key administration rooms such as the accounts department have been moved to the new block to De-congest the old block


New Lecture Spaces

3 new lecture theaters, 5 class rooms, an executive conference room, a video conference room and 4 state of the art Computer Laboratories means there is never a lack of space.

What's new at ZCAS

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