The Counseling Centre has been offering counseling service to students for fifteen years. This Centre Provides:

1. Personal / Psycho -Social Counselling

This service enables students to seek Psychological help in a personal way including techniques for uncovering areas all problematic facets of an individual i.e relationships etc

2. Academic Counselling

Refers to provision of help or assistance to students in their academic performance i.e. including studying / reading techniques or methods used to enhance the achievement of higher examination marks.

3. Health Counselling

Involves the sensitization of students over their health issues- i.e. mental health, stress related issues, Sexually Transmitted Infections (including – HIV/ AIDS and others) and usage of male/female condoms and male circumcision.

4. Placement Services

Caters for job related enquiries involving Resume / CV writing, Job Search Techniques including Job Interview Techniques – here students are placed on attachment and permanent jobs in the job market

5. Crisis Intervention

Refers to cases of critical nature i.e. attempted suicide or drug related cases in which case appropriate specialised external units are requested to intervene on arrangement basis.

6. Referral Facility

Involves all cases that the Counselling Centre may not adequately handle and are referred to external agencies e.g. treatment of students by competent health experts.

ZCAS students are invited to pass through the Counselling Centre, located in Kudu 1, for any of the above services. Latest: in 2017 273 graduates have been placed on permanent jobs and 90 students have attached to organization for industrial experience.