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The Diploma in Project Management is a product of ZCAS introduced as a result of the Cambridge International Examinations discontinuing the Cambridge Diploma in Project Management worldwide. The course is designed to expose would-be graduates to the following skills and competences.

  • Demonstrate ability to select and organize viable projects in line with the overall organizations’ objectives
  • Demonstrate ability to plan and optimize the project using various tools and techniques
  • Demonstrate ability to use information technology (Project Management software) to manage the project
  • Demonstrate ability to provide project management leadership using various techniques such as managing organizational change and ability to solve problems
  • Demonstrate ability to provide effective project management closure or handover at various stage

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Course Structure

The structure of the course is as follows:

Module Stage of the Project –life-cycle
1 Project Identification and Analysis
2 Project Appraisal and Assessment
3 Project Definition and Planning
4 Financial Management and Appraisal
5 Project Management and Implementation
6 Project Closure and Hand-over Project Closure and Hand-over

The course will constitute about 60% theory and 40% practical work using Microsoft Project 2003


Assessments Of Modules

ZCAS shall conduct assessments on a quarterly basis on a module basis or two modules or all the three modules as indicated below:

  • Module one and two will constitute the first assessment
  • Module three and four will constitute the second assessment
  • Module five and six will constitute the third assessment.

For every module passed, a Statement of Results will be given accordingly and a Diploma in Project Management is awarded after completing all the three assessments highlighted above.


The minimum time required for the student is 6 months study on a part-time basis to accomplish all the modules. However, a period of three years will be allowed within which you have to finish the course after which the Centre will not accept any assessments from such students.


Entry Criteria

Candidates who should apply for this programme should be currently working on the project

  • Any Zambian Diploma
  • Any Degree
  • Professional Qualification

It is a requirement that applicants should be working in a project environment or they must have been working in the project environment before in order for them to appreciate the course. No exemptions will be given to any student as this is an assessment based course. However, those how have done assessments one or two under the old Cambridge International examination (CIE) will get exemptions accordingly.  Knowledge of Microsoft word and Excel is an added advantage.

Course Fees

Course fees include study texts, supplementary handouts, and articles and assessment fees are obtainable from the registrar’s office. All extra work to be done by the Centre after the completion of learning period will attract a penalty fee of K500.

Key Features

  • Qualified and dedicated team of lecturers
  • State-of-the art networked computer laboratories
  • Free internet access with prior booking
  • Most recently updated course materials
  • Continuous quality control assessment tests
  • Excellent teaching facilities
  • Availability of study rooms in the evenings and at weekends for private study
  • Campus and off – campus furnished accommodation
  • Air-conditioned lecture theatres and library

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