Residential school is once per semester for two weeks. This is in the month of April for first semester and August in the second semester.
During residential school, students write a compulsory test carrying 15 marks, so if they miss residential school, they miss out on the 15 marks. BUT we allow them to write the examinations because they would have already obtained marks in the three Assignments given.
Examinations take place in June and December. The exact timetables are provided to students.
To interrupt studies the student has to notify the University through the Student Administration Office in good time and must put the request in writing providing reasons for the request.
Deferred examinations are only granted by the Board of Examiners upon a written request with supporting documents. All applications for deferred exams must be made before the examination registration deadline.

How to log into:

  • Firstly see the E-learning Co-ordinator
  • He/She (E-learning Co-odinator) will then create the student’s account and attach the courses that you the student is currently doing at that given semester.
  • You (student) will then receive an email that contains their current username and temporal password.
  • The student now needs to login into moodle with¬† their Username (usually the student number) and the temporal password. Immediately after pressing enter, the student will be allowed to put a new password.

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