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The 21st Century has provided a complex financial environment to profit making organisations, non-profit making entities and governments.  The need for critical analysis and dynamic judgment in such an environment requires decision makers, business advisors, and individual entrepreneurs etc. to possess certain skills. The Bachelor of Science Finance and Investment Management degree is structured with this background in mind.  It is a programme that is designed to enable a candidate to be an insightful problem solver and critical thinker in business finance and investment management.  The programme is meant to provide knowledge and skills that enhance decision-making and improves value creation in all forms of organisations and governments.


The programme aims at developing an in depth understanding of the role of finance and investment management in an organisation. The programme intends to improve the skills and knowledge of business advisors, business investment analysts and corporate decision makers, through critical analysis to undertake efficient and effective investments, and financing and resource allocation decisions within an organisation.


By the end of the programme, a student should be able to:

  • critically evaluate finance and investment decisions and develop solutions from ethical, professional as well as academic perspectives;
  • evaluate the impact of macroeconomics and recognise the role of international financial institutions in the financial management of organisations and governments;
  • demonstrate an understanding of finance and the ability to place financial innovations within a contemporary and historical framework; and
  • demonstrate an in depth knowledge and skills in business finance, investment planning and management, and risk management.


This programme is targeted at the following groups of people:

  • secondary school leavers who have attained the minimum qualifications for university admission and who wish to start a career in finance and investment management;
  • Finance and investment employees who wish to enhance their career prospects;
  • holders of partial accountancy qualifications such as ACCA-FIA, ZIBFS and ZICA-technician who wish to pursue a career in finance and investment management; and
  • any eligible person who wishes to pursue a career in finance and investment


To qualify for admission to the BFI degree programme an applicant must have any of the following qualifications:

  • five credits at ‘O’ Level including English and Mathematics;
  • any relevant three year accountancy diploma from a reputable college or university;
  • at least three ‘A’ level passes including Mathematics or equivalent;
  • any degree from a recognised institution; and
  • part or full qualifications in ZIBFS, ZICA, CIMA and ACCA.


The course of study for the award of the BFI degree shall be completed in a period of:

  • not less than four and not more than six academic years in the case of full time students;
  • not less than five and not more than seven academic years in the case of evening students;
  • not less than four and not more than seven academic years in the case of distance education students;
  • not less than five and not more than seven academic years in the case of part time students;
  • provided that for top-up degrees, the duration may be shorter, but not less than one year.



  • A student who has, prior to admission to the BFI attended, whether at ZCAS University or elsewhere, courses of instruction and passed examinations equivalent in standard to courses and examinations which form part of the programme of study may, subject to approval, be exempted from attendance of classes and examinations in those courses. Exemptions will apply to candidates in possession of specific professional qualifications, while for all other candidates, exemptions will be granted on a case by case basis.
  • Holders of the full ZIBFS, ACCA, and ZICA professional qualifications are entitled to exemption in the courses listed in Appendix 1.
  • No exemptions are available in respect of third and fourth year courses regardless of the candidate’s qualifications.


Each year of study will be divided into two semesters.  Except for BFI421 Research Methods and BFI442 Dissertation courses in the final year, the rest of the courses are structured in such a way that semester one courses are not a pre-requisite of semester two courses in each academic year.  The course structure is as shown in Tables 1 to 4 below.


Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4

Year 1 Courses

Semester 1   Semester 2  
Course Code Course Title Course Code Course Title
BFI111 Academic Writing BFI112 Introduction to


BFI121 Introduction to Investments BFI122 Principles of Accounting
BFI131 Introduction to


BFI132 Introduction to Quantitative


BFI141 Introduction to Finance BFI142 Introduction to Financial



Year 2 Courses

Semester 1   Semester 2  
Course Code Course Title Course Code Course Title
BFI211 Business Finance BFI212 Investment Planning
BFI221 Financial Accounting BFI222 International Trade and


BFI231 Business and Corporate Law BFI232 Derivatives
BFI241 Monetary and Financial


BFI242 Taxation


Year 3 Courses

Semester 1   Semester 2  
Course Code Course Title Course Code Course Title
BFI311 Financial Reporting BFI312 Behavioural Finance
BFI321 Mergers and Acquisitions BFI322 Securities Analysis
BFI331 Advanced Taxation BFI332 Managing Strategic Risk
BFI341 Financial Risk Management BFI342 Portfolio Management


Year 4 Courses

Semester 1   Semester 2  
Course Code Course Title Course Code Course Title
BFI411 Strategic Management BFI412 Public Finance
BFI421 Research Methods BFI422 Econometrics
BFI431 Corporate Finance BFI432 Innovation and


BFI441 Financial Modelling and


BFI442 Dissertation



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